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The DC Movie & TV Thread

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5 hours ago, misterBee said:

Who cares about misogyny or racism.  The hate she was probably getting from upset comic nerds was probably more than enough for anyone to close their account.

Unlike the Kelly Marie Tran situation, I saw a lot of hate directed at her social media.

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Im late but I just finished Supergirl S3. I have Arrow/Flash/Legends next.






Reign was a good villain and Odette sold the sympatheric Sam and Evil Reign

As a Justice League cartoon fan, it was awesome to see Carl Lumbly (MMH)as Johns Father in this show. His final moments were awesome and emotional

Jimmy getting with Lena

Action scenes 

IMRA - SKEET SKEET. I cant believe Mon el was sad about going back to the future with that fine ho



Why did they change the theme? ARRGH

They built it up well but some parts of the final episode were cliche -drink the bath water!. Time travel

Jimmy feels like the most unnecessary character. I wouldnt have felt bad if he was leaving in some manner as opposed to the other "black" guy on the show

The SJW element  is too blatant. ILock Her up, gun debate. It makes the show grind to a halt

The other two Worldkillers were defeated too quickly. More of them and less of the witches

Morgan Edge was wrapped up too soon


Still 8.5/10



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I just finished Arrow Season 6.





Fight scenes

Katies performance as E2 Laurel. 





God the manufactured drama just to get tear away Ollie's support is so contrived. 


Diggle 's neurological damage in the beginning had potential to be really interesting. That was resolved too quickly so then he wanted the "honor" of being GA full time. Fine time to have his period. 

Diggle , should I buy you tampons? 

Other than killing his brother in S4, Im not really getting Diggles  issues  and his hatred of Ollie that much. He has Lyla, and JJ and Im sure he doesnt have money problems. Its not like being GA gives Ollie lots of fine hoes and endorsements, mostly just pain.


The departure of Thea and Lance. Thea was in a coma for a 1/3 then just doing adminstrative stuff for the rest of her screen time and snce E2 Laurel was there, the fatherly bond between Lance and Thea was gone.

While It was nice to see Roy again, it felt hollow.I thought Laurel would die to save Lance not the other way. Plus, it was so naive of him to trust Laurel the whole season  and after the money thing I would have just shot her.  Both exists should have made me feel something but no..


Diaz is the crappiest main villain of the entire series. Even though S4 sucked, Darkh was an awesome villain with personality. Diaz had little physical skills, no superpowers. How Laurel didnt own him early on is a mystery. Not much sympathy for him either.  This dude did what Darkh/Slade/Merlyn couldnt ? Please.


I like how Anatoly isnt shown at all in the last few minutes. He just gets away huh? lol

Curtis lover didnt get shown  at the end? I guess hes not that important either lol.


While I am interested in the prison angle next season, I have a gut feeling it will just be 1-2 episodes before the status quo is restored. Also, E2 Laurel is a lawyer? lol


Overall: 5/10




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I just finished Legends of Tomorrow S3.


Overall very enjoyable. I love the random select nature of this show. Julius Caesar, Blackbeard, Return of the mack, etc…
I was sad to see the death of Stein and departure of Jax, but it was done well at least.
It was interesting to see some humanity for Damien. Neal McDonough continues to be magnetic with his performance.


Wow. Wally was wasted on Flash S4 AND this show. Did we need to see him just do karaoke with Rip for 2 eps?

Also, I guess I’m in the minority but I dont really care about Rip anymore. When he committed suicide with the time drive, I was like Bye homie

While I’m glad that Amaya is back in Zambesi, this news that the actress is returning as a different character is weird. We already had 1 season of her and Nate agonizing over their destiny/love.
Actually, Nate can go. He barely uses his steel powers and when he does he still gets knocked out easily. Plus, his history knowledge could be handled by Gideon, whose role has diminished significantly since he was added. He should just move to Memphis or Detroit if he likes chocolate pussy that much.(Fitting since hes an Elvis fanboy)


Overall: Enjoyable 8/10.

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Flash S4 Thoughts:



I thought it was a significant improvement from S3,but not as good as S1/S2.




The light -hearted nature was more prominent compared to previous seasons.


Ralph was fun and I liked seeing his "hero's journey".  In some ways, I like him more than Barry.


Cisco getting some punani after like 3 seasons!


The villain was NOT a speedster. He had a loving wife. His original motives were easy to understand.

You knew his identity from almost the beginning.


The final  battle and the whole season relied on the team coming together as opposed to the "divide and conquer" crap happening in Arrow S6 at the same time.




Wally was wasted on here AND Legends in one season? WTF? IS there some behind the scenes reasons for him being manhandled?


Iris being the leader. I can understand when Barry was in the Speedforce but I would have liked Cisco or Caitln to step up. Why cant they make her be a reporter again and have some time away from Barry's science friends? Hell, even Joe isnt always there at team briefings. 


Once again, the ending of a previous season teases a new status quo (Barry in the speedforce prison), only to undo it 1 episode. Yes they said they were working without Barry for 6 months, but it doesnt really add much drama if they only say it and NOT show it.


Gypsy and Cisco breaking up.  Sniff


While I love Tom Cavanaugh's acting, I feel like his multiple Wells act is nearing saturation point. E2 Wells losing intelligence subplot  and going to E3 hopefully means he will have a lower profile. Even Prof Xavier has taken a leave of absence in X-men from time to time.


Amunet Black didnt really excite me that much.  I was expecting a more fleshed out subplot between Caitlin and her, but once the prison metas escaped, she faded away. Also, her design was gross. White girls and dreads dont mix. (First CW female I wouldnt really fuck)


Killer Frost is merely a slightly sarcastic version of Caitlin instead of being a villainess. Whenever she appeared, I was waiting for some villainous twist. IF there is no tension when shes KF, whats the point?


I felt a deja vu after seeing Flash be in a trial the same season as Ollie. Also, Him training a cocky guy to be a hero reminded me of Supergirl and Mon-el. (though this time it was more interesting imo)


Overall: 8/10

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Well, Titans is apparently coming to Netflix... I saw that bit of news some days ago...so now I may watch it just for laughs... I'm curious to see just how terrible it is.


I'm still amazed that no one in the design/planning stages of this thing saw how bad Starfire's look was shaping up.  Really...NO one behind the scenes had the balls to speak up and effectively say "hey, this is looking....kinda ugly.."?  A different wig or just her regular hair colored to red...and dump that ugly fur coat....just like that you have a drastic improvement on how accurate and appealing she looks.

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oh....well so much for that....'cause of course there's no way in the world I'm getting the DC service for THAT🤣.  If I did get the service one day it would be for some other reasons.

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Ok godDAMN lawd have mercy I'm getting caught up on Black Lightning...... episode 2, Jesus H. CHRIST!!!! They're hitting us with all THAT.  Goddamn, man...
* Legendary gorgeous singer ANDY ALLO is on.
* She's playing a lesbian...
* hooked up with Anissa!
* POOL SCENE.  Oh my GOD.  

This is almost too good to be true....the only way it could be better was if this was airing on late-night Cinemax!  The MINUTE this season is on blu-ray it is BOUGHT, dammit.  Words don't even do it justice.  I've kept tabs on Andy Allo for years, ever since first seeing her fine ass on G4 as a guest host.  The girl is LEGEND.

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I just came back from the Mask of the Phantasm screening. Movie rocked.


Anyhoo, Fathom is having a double feature of the animated Death of Superman (2018) and Reign of the Supermen (2019) on Jan. 13 and 14 , 2019 at select theatres.

Also, the 1978 Superman movie with Chris Reeve is showing Nov . 25, Nov 27, and Dec 3, 2018.
https://www.fathomevents.com/events/superman-40th-anniversary?date=2018-12-03 00:00:00.000

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haha....AAAAAHAHAHAHA...ohhh this show, man... perhaps it might work, I don't know... I just think of only goofy characters whenever John Cryer comes to mind.  ...and there's no way he will be on Rosenbaum's level...




*y'know, at least it isn't quite as insane an idea as making Jimmy Olsen into JAMES Olsen, the tall, suave ladies' man black guy who also has a costume and fights crime at night like Batman. 🤣

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