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The DC Movie & TV Thread

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I just saw Shazam.

I have no experience with the character in the comics so I dont know accurate or inaccurate it is.

I really liked it.
It felt like a mix of a MCU fiim and the early Spider-man films by Sam Raimi.







the relationship between Billy and Freddy


the other kids werent too sweet or annoying


THAT part in the final battle (A house divided turned on its head…)


Billy’s search for his mom and the resolution


the horror vibe in the opening scene and boardroom scene





Sivana is a somewhat weak villain.

There’s a feeling that that the training montage stuff be reduced a bit and Sivana/Billy conflict could have been introduced earlier



Overall: IMO This is a great film and has overtaken Aquaman as the second best film in the DCEU era. Who’d have thought these three characters would feature in the best post Nolan era?


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...sheeeeit this episode is a showcase of the lovely Jessica Parker Goddamn Kennedy..(*currently rated as the #2 of my Magnificent 5)...wooo lawd yes I could creepily star at this girl all day long, man.  She could piss on me if she wanted and I'm fine with that.  Her friend is alright too, though not on her level obviously.


This episode is showing how Nora got her power, btw...

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