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The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

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I just saw Spider-verse.




Art/animation. Even putting thought bubbles/narration boxes was genius.

Voice acting for the most part



Post credit scene

Heartfelt moments




I dont think Liev Schreiber's Kingpin voice was fitting. It was too much "New York thug" . IMO Kingpin is generally more refined in the comics and the 1994 Spiderman TA and 2015 Netflix Daredevil. 

While the reasoning for his scheme was interesting, otherwise he felt a bit flat.


Overall: 9/10.

Tied wth Raimi's SM2 as the best Spidey film imo

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3 hours ago, DangerousJ said:



Limited free screenings of Black Panther at certain AMC theaters in USA!

It will run from Feb.1 - Feb. 7 and have 4 pm and 7 pm showings.
(These times are in whatever local time zone you’re in)

Now even @misterBee can see it 😏

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