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The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

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puta madre! I just found out that The Expanse got cancelled. I haven't seen the latest season yet but that show is awesome, so I can't believe it got cancelled after 3 seasons

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yes it's time for another what could have been in the MCU:


Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

>Production was troubled due to creative disagreements between Joss Whedon and the studio.

>In early drafts, Ultron was modeled after Tony Stark's brain patterns, but the concept was scrapped.

>Early drafts also featured Abomination as Ultron's enforcer; Captain Marvel and Spider-Man as recruits for the New Avengers; Ultron invading Wakanda to steal Vibranium; and the Ultron drones combining to form a skyscrapper-sized Ultron for the final battle.

>Marvel originally planned to pair Black Widow and Hawkeye together, but Whedon preferred her with Bruce Banner.

>In early cuts, Banner would ultimately reject Black Widow, and she would trigger his transformation into the Hulk by lying about having never truly loved him.

>In early cuts, Thor's vision ended with Loki appearing to discuss the impending apocalypse, but this was cut as test-audiences mistakenly assumed it meant Loki was behind Ultron's sentiency.

>Whedon included Thor's investigation into the Infinity Stones at the behest of the studio, in exchange for keeping the visions and Hawkeye's farmhouse, which were both nearly cut. Test-audiences responded negatively, however, and it was almost entirely cut from the movie.

>An alternative ending where Quicksilver survives and joins the New Avengers was shot should the studio decide not to kill a long-running character.

>Saoirse Ronan was approached for Scarlet Witch before Elizabeth Olsen was cast.


Ant-Man (2015)

>Edgar Wright was originally attached to direct the movie, but dropped out due to creative differences. Adam McKay and Rawson Marshall-Thurber were approached before Peyton Reed was hired.

>Wright reportedly wanted a highly stylized, completely standalone movie, and rejected the revisions demanded by the studio.

>Wright's draft featured Scott Lang as a petty crook who's been arrested several times; Hank Pym as a mad scientist driven by ego; a love triangle between Scott, his ex-wife Maggie and his childhood friend Paxton; Darren Cross becoming the Nano Warrior; and minor roles for Hope Van Dyne and Scott's crew, which was comprised by eight criminals.

>Reed's revisions added Yellowjacket; the Quantum Realm; Hope, Luis, Kurt and Dave being prominent characters; Maggie and Paxton being minor characters; and Scott fighting the Falcon.

>Early drafts featured Alexander Pierce as one of the SHIELD agents present when Pym leaves the organization in the 1980's; and Armin Zola - in a robotic body - as Hydra's representative in procuring the Yellowjacket from Cross.

>Early cuts featured a prologue set in 1989, with a young Pym retrieving stolen data from a military compound in Cuba. Jordi Molla was cast as the compound's leader, General Castillo, but his scenes were cut.

>Early cuts featured Lang retrieving the stolen Cross Particles from HYDRA operative Mitchell Carson, but this was cut, leaving the plot thread available for a sequel.

>Joseph Gordon-Levitt auditioned for Scott Lang before Paul Rudd was cast.

>Jessica Chastain was approached for Hope Van Dyne before Evangeline Lily was cast.

>Steve Buscemi was approached for Hank Pym before Michael Douglas was cast.

>Patrick Wilson was originally cast as Paxton, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts and was replaced by Bobby Cannavale.


Captain America: Civil War (2016)

>Early drafts featured Vision on Captain America's team and Ant-Man on Iron Man's team; larger roles for Sharon Carter and Everett Ross; appearances by Bruce Banner and Pepper Potts; and Hope Van Dyne becoming the Wasp.

>In early drafts, Spider-Man had a larger role and Prince T'Challa had a minor role. When the deal between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures initially failed, T'Challa's role was expanded, including his transformation into Black Panther. Marvel and Sony later reached an agreement and Spider-Man was reinserted in the script in a smaller role.

>Producers initially feared that Giant-Man wouldn't be taken seriously by the audienced and demanded him to be removed from the script. An alternative version featured the Scarlet Witch telekinetically blowing up an underground pipeline to create a diversion for Captain America and Winter Soldier to escape, but the Russos were ultimately able to convince the studio to have Giant-Man in the movie.

>Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter refused to pay Robert Downey Jr's salary, reducing Iron Man to a brief appearance. Downey Jr. lobbied for a larger role and was backed by producer Kevin Feige, leading to a conflict that ended with Marvel Studios splitting off from Marvel Entertainment and Perlmutter being reassigned to the television department while Feige had complete creative control over the movies.

>During the period where Iron Man was unavailable, the Russos mapped out an alternative third act centered on Baron Zemo searching for a biological weapon known as "Madbomb", which compels people into murderous rampages.

>Asa Butterfield, Charlie Rowe, Judah Lewis, Matthew Lintz, Charlie Plummer, Liam James, Chandler Riggs and Timothée Chalamet auditioned for Spider-Man before Tom Holland was cast.

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I saw Deadpool 2 earlier today.


I liked it, but imo it was a step down from the first.



Humor for the most part. 


Action sequences. (David Leitch's John Wick skills prepared him for the action in this.)


Brolin and Zazie as Cable/Domino in acting/dialogue/character.


Colossus vs a classic X-men character in the final battle (The way this person is defeated was the most funny and unexpected to me.)


IMO the best end credit scene of all time 




Lack of setup /background info on Cable. We saw some glimpses, but I wish they would have gone in more detail about his future setting (I know his backstory is convoluted, but they could have given some more details considering he is the 2nd main character) (Domino too)


Negasonic was underused in this film. I feel her biting head to head with DP was one of the best  things about the original


They tried to make DP and Russell/Rusty have an emotional connection but it didnt grab me .  


The first hour seems a bit "loose" and could have been more tightly edited/paced. 

DP 1 had a straightforward "Revenge" story and flowed better. 


Lack of a true villain. I knew Cable would be the "anatagonist" initially and then team up with DP , but the character who dies at the end was not developed well. 

I would have rewritten it to have a character from the prison and who Colossus fights as the main villains .They were both X-men and DP villains so I thought they would be used more prominently.


A group of characters is used essentially for a bad joke. Some of them arent classic, but they deserved better than what happened in the movie. Especially since it was their first appearance in an x-men movie.


Overall: A good movie but I think they should tone down the meta/joke stuff and work a little more on the story/plot more.


Deadpool 2      7.5/10

Deadpool           8.5/10





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