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The Marvel Movie/TV Thread

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On 3/10/2018 at 8:24 PM, BullDancer said:

I wasn't in SRKs last Marvel thread since I regressed to a lurker. Were people riding that T'Challa meat pole in that thread too like the rest of the world?


Darc introduced himself in the new member thread by screaming "Wakanda Forever". :innocent:

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I watched the first episode of Jessica Jones season 2 last night.

It bored me to death and I see no reason to try and watch the rest of them. It was Iron Fist levels of bad.

Netflix might have lost their hand at this thing.

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I just watched Jess S2.


It was decent, but fell flat in someways without Killgrave or Luke Cage.

The attempt to delve into her past and have the plot revolve around that was a nice idea.

I’ve never read any of her comics, but the twist that happens 1/2 way shocked me.

That character and Jess’s complicated relationship in the last 7 episodes was interesting to watch.


However, The character of Trish almost comes off as a villain more than the above character.

She was extremely unlikeable and I had little sympathy for her.

I was more sympathetic with Jeri Hogarth until the penultimate episode.

Malcom was my favorite character this season(probably he was more assertive)


Pryce Cheng AKA Daboog (but not fat or bald) felt like a wasted opportunity.

Oscar and his son trying to be a surrogate family for Jess was a nice contrast to all her craziness,but it seemed like Oscar was more a plot device (and DICK device wink)


I just hope that the fallout between Trish and Jess at the end isnt just swept under the rug in the next season. That happens a lot in CW shows, where there will be a big brouhaha and then 2 episodes everyone’s sunshine and rainbows.


I loled at how Jess lectured Malcolm that getting pussy is no better than drugs.

BEYOTCH, youre drunk 24/7 and fucking random boytoys in bars and down the hall after they fix your toilet/print illegal govt documents. You little hypocrite!


My favorite episode was 7 since there was a lot of backstory/flashbacks.

It was great to see REDACTEDagain in episode 10. It shows you how compelling that person was.


Overall: 7/10

(We need a compelling antagonist and some more likeable characters)


The second to last ranked MCU Netflix Season. (Iron Fist is 6.5/10 )

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One other thing about both seasons of Jess is that I think 9-10 episodes/season would "flow" smoother. It feels like it builds to a point , then we're in a holding pattern for a few episodes and then it progresses.


Also, while this is a street level show, I wish there were some longer and better choreographed fights. There were mostly shoves/pushes , jumps, and 1 explosion. I think the longest fight is against the prison guy Dale and even then it was brief.

I don't want Jess to be DD 2.0, but since this is not a special effects heavy program, I think they could do more to liven it up a little.

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Yeah, same here. I realized a small while ago that I might be completely burnt out on superheroes. The last Marvel movie I saw was Doctor Strange, and only because I was bored and surfing...certain websites. I'll probably see Infinity War because I don't want my near decade of watching Marvel movies to go to waste, but none of the trailers I've seen for it have made me feel anything.


I just hope they don't skimp out on character deaths.


EDIT: Actually, I forgot that I saw Homecoming. I remember liking that.

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On 3/16/2018 at 2:24 AM, DangerousJ said:

I loled at how Jess lectured Malcolm that getting pussy is no better than drugs.

BEYOTCH, youre drunk 24/7 and fucking random boytoys in bars and down the hall after they fix your toilet/print illegal govt documents. You little hypocrite!


I don't think she was a hypocrite for saying that. To her to he was trading in one addiction for another.

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Terry Crews may be playing Jesse Aaronson aka Bedlam.

His costume is similar  and in this screenshot on the right you can see the code name.




2) The Asian girl with purple hair looks like psylocke, but It may turn out to be Surge.

(She was using electricity based power in the trailer)


3) In the airplane cargo hold, you can see a guy with a helmet similar to Shatterstar.


It seems this X-force is cherry picking characters from different runs.


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