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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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I know most of the KoF basics and characters since I used to play it as a child. The 4 jumps and their counters and rolling are things I am familiar with. As well as the cast, I actually know I'm gonna play Angel for the unchained system and Mai. I am unsure on the 3rd but Blue mary might to it, if not Kyo. I was a huge Terry fan but his stuff is poorly done in XIV (his climax looks terrible and where are my 3 ground pounds for level 2 Power Geyser?) But Rock looks nice.


I suppose I just have to work on combos?

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Far off can be very good.


I feel like KOFXIV ended up succeeding despite itself, or at least in spite of its original version. If they need to take a couple of years to polish and refine, so be it.


I'll buy unless they ratfuck the game to a crazy degree because I really like SNK's fighting games and I am a shameless shill.


Hopefully the online is better this time around. I never had much luck with KOFXIV when I tried to play.

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