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The King of Fighters: Official Series Thread

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I know most of the KoF basics and characters since I used to play it as a child. The 4 jumps and their counters and rolling are things I am familiar with. As well as the cast, I actually know I'm gonna play Angel for the unchained system and Mai. I am unsure on the 3rd but Blue mary might to it, if not Kyo. I was a huge Terry fan but his stuff is poorly done in XIV (his climax looks terrible and where are my 3 ground pounds for level 2 Power Geyser?) But Rock looks nice.


I suppose I just have to work on combos?

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Far off can be very good.


I feel like KOFXIV ended up succeeding despite itself, or at least in spite of its original version. If they need to take a couple of years to polish and refine, so be it.


I'll buy unless they ratfuck the game to a crazy degree because I really like SNK's fighting games and I am a shameless shill.


Hopefully the online is better this time around. I never had much luck with KOFXIV when I tried to play.

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I finally got back into this, I learned my Angel, i leaned my Mai now I need to find a 3rd, been looking at a few, I went for Luong yesterday but it turns out she's not my cup of tea. As soon as I have time I will see how I feel about Vanessa, Yamazaki, Rock and Blue Mary.

I still have some serious issues with the design decision in the game. Usually Terry or Kyo would be shoe-in for my teams but Kyo looks awful on all levels and the new Terry Jacket is just terrible enough that I can't see myself playing him. Vanessa suffers from the same problem to an extent. She had that cool look with her formal pants and shoes and now she's got that one piece lookin' shit going on, but she can still make the cut due to her quite interesting playstyle. Honestly I can't think of other characters being a featherweight boxer in other games, and she is still a product of the more refined SNK animation style that takes full advantage of the style SNK developed for years before she became a cast member.

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