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Video Game Discussion Thread: Now Featuring Animated Avatars

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MUA3 voice actor list.

Sounds like great choices.

The casting director must be a fan of Avengers Earth Mightiest Heroes cartoon and Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.


Avengers EMH- same actors for IM,Cap,Thor,Hulk, BP,Hawkeye


Wolvy and XM-same actors for Wolverine, Nightcrawler,and Magneto

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sheeeiiiit, the sales on Switch at the moment, man...


Nefarious is on sale for something like $4.49


Also, Plague, Inc. is out now; I wasn't aware they were porting it until seeing it on the eshop today.  I might actually get that... I bought it years ago on iPod....ha, that has been the only "mobile" game I bought when it was strictly a mobile game.  I just liked the concept of it enough to get it right away.  It's fairly cheap too; only about 15 bucks I think.  Basic premise---you design a plague....as your infection spreads to various countries, you keep adjusting the mutation with certain mutation upgrade points you get along the way....your virus gets stronger, more dangerous, as the scientists in various countries try to defeat it.  Naturally you also have to worry about detection; I remember it being a key winning strategy to avoid picking obvious symptoms early on, so you can spread the infection as much as possible before people are generally aware and the newsmedia starts covering it.  There is a challenge because the only way to "win" in the game is to completely destroy the human race with your plague.  When I first played it back then I only "beat" the game 2 or 3 times.


This game looks like a better, potentially more interesting version of what Fallout wants to be, imo (haha and I'll bet it won't have even 10% of the bullshit going on you have to deal with in games made by That Other Company which should not be named):


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yeah reviews don't normally sway my opinion...but the way 2 of them spoke about it recently sounds like the game is definitely not something I'd enjoy....the main off-putting thing from what I'm hearing and seeing is that you're always in "co-op" with that AI-controlled other character if there's no player 2...and the AI character can result in ruined stealth and mission failures because it's so dumb.🤣


First game I remember with annoying AI partnered with you was the dreaded Mome escort-mission back in Phantasy Star Online... all modern Phantasy Star fans remember and hated the hell out of that character....definitely one of the low points about that otherwise great game.

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Posted (edited)

recent article I spotted on Bloodlines 2


Full dev diary post they mention is here:



"Be a Vampire: This sounds simple to the point of ridiculousness, but it goes deeper than feeding on humans and avoiding the sun. From the player’s perspective, there should always be a sense of supernatural power – even for a fledgling, or relatively weak vampire. Features and systems should always be evaluated against this; dialogue and interactions should always reflect this. The relationship between the player and citizens of Seattle should always be evaluated as a relationship between a hunter and prey, be it through feeding systems, combat, or dialogue. This also pertains to what might threaten a vampire. How do you scare a monster?

In a practical sense, “Be a Vampire” – among other things – guides our approach to how the player moves through the world, both in terms of player systems such as traversal, how we support those systems through level design, and how we communicate all of that to the player through other devices, such as Lighting or User Interface. A player that moves through the world unconventionally needs to learn how to read that world unconventionally, and a lot of effort is made to make sure the player really does start to think like, and be, a vampire.


ohhhhh hell YEAH it already sounds like everything I ever wanted.... my only gripe is still the focus on first-person view.

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Posted (edited)

sheeeeiiiiiiiitttttttt here we GO

Fl4K has been the main character that jumped out at me from day 1; I'm definitely playing as him first.


to continue beating a dead horse for a minute....once again just imagine how awesome it would have been if the Overwatch characters had a Borderlands-style game with skill-trees and various builds....😮  but nope... such a great cast of characters would get stuck in a game that's some simple "Red Team vs. Blue Team" shit over and over again....quite a shame, that.

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Posted (edited)

holy shit look at all THIS 


I was already sold but goddamn this shit looks awesome 😮


On another note---I'm definitely planning some time off for that major week in September...I think it's the 2nd week where Borderlands 3 AND Gears 5 are released....that is one hell of a combo right there...I'm taking at least 2 days; maybe 3.


IGN has another vid on the upcoming greatness Bloodlines 2


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Oddly enough I didn't have it... I played it at a friend's house 1 time but that's been it.  I'll correct that error very soon though.  


Doom Eternal will also have a Switch version, but this is one time when I'll opt for my Xb1 version instead most likely... I'd rather not have a visual downgrade in this particular case....plus there's likely to be more people playing on the regular console versions (and my XB friend list is bigger, and includes people I actually know personally...so far I have.....3 folks on my Nintendo friend list, and there's only 1 of them I actually know personally, and another from srk; oh and this is on top of xb and ps4 actually having native voice-chat and a far superior online experience)


Unfortunately, a relative is planning some damn family reunion kinda thing that month... which I DON'T really want to go to for various reasons (mainly; I don't really know any of these people; they're *distant* family...and it's in a city I don't have any desire to visit...unlike probably 99% of the human race, I don't enjoy traveling a lot; I'd rather just chill out at home); but he's not the type of person to easily understand a "No." especially with that sort of thing....so it's looking like I may have to try making up some kind of really good lie to get out of that shit....I'll be relieved to get past that shit somehow because just thinking about it is an irritant at the moment.

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Blizzard on the future of Diablo 3.... apparently NEW SETS are in the works?!?!  I wasn't expecting anything since the game is so "old" at this point; that's a pleasant surprise... I figured they would've shifted all "Diablo" resources over to development of D4 quite a while ago while keeping this in pure "maintenance mode"


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yessssss here we GO

HORDE fan for life, here...sheeeeiiiiitttt, it's one of the main reasons I keep buying Gears.  


I also didn't know until recently that you can play it early if you pre-order the "Ultimate" edition, which is what I already intended to do.


strange thing---there's a certain friend that's planning to get it asap as well...but the guy never finished the story in part 4.  I just don't get that; why jump right into story mode (he is NOT one of those that only buys it for multiplayer stuff) when you did not stick around for the conclusion of the previous game?  There's a MAJOR reveal at the very last moment of part 4 too that was a jaw-dropper...


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The Kazuma Kiryu saga will soon be complete on PS4!.


Behold, Yakuza Remastered Collection!   February 11,2020




My thoughts:

3, 4,5 - damn she fine
Hoping she can sock it to me one more time
Get low, get low, get low get low!
To the window, to the wall!
Til the sweat drop down my balls
Til all these bitches crawl
Til all skeet skeet motherfuckers, all skeet skeet god damn!

Thank you God/Vishnu/Budda/Allah/Zoroaster/Crom/Odin!
And Sega/ RGG Team

Hmm, Im surprised their releasing digital versions of  3/4  by year's end.
However, I'm going to fast till 2/11/20 and get all physical games in one fell swoop!
It would have been nice to have steelbooks for each game but oh well.





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