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The Street Fighter V AE Story Thread: Now featuring more VROOM VROOM and Ice Queen

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50 minutes ago, Darc_Requiem said:

Despite what pros and EH commenters think, they are a lot of people that like Street Fighter for the lore.

I know this is true but I will always consider SF lore to be bottom tier, simply because for the longest time it never even existed and it's been mostly static since 1999.


I'd love for the story to be more interesting, like it is in other fighting games.

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Street Fighter's story is no different quality-wise to the stories of other fighting game franchises, and that's actually not really a good thing to say, but still...


Street Fighter's story is neither boring nor nonexistent, it has existed since the Alpha series but it has always been harder to follow because it is told in a particularly disjointed way across titles that are constantly jumping all over the timeline, and so most people barely even know what's going on exactly in the narrative. Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur might deal with their chronology in a much cleaner way and it's easier to get a summary of what happened last time, but in the end they're as much of a silly mess as Street Fighter.

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1 hour ago, Phantom_Miria said:

Street Fighter's story is no different quality-wise to the stories of other fighting game franchises, and that's actually not really a good thing to say, but still...


Street Fighter's story is neither boring nor nonexistent, it has existed since the Alpha series but it has always been harder to follow because it is told in a particularly disjointed way across titles that are constantly jumping all over the timeline, and so most people barely even know what's going on exactly in the narrative. Tekken, Mortal Kombat and Soul Calibur might deal with their chronology in a much cleaner way and it's easier to get a summary of what happened last time, but in the end they're as much of a silly mess as Street Fighter.

Don't get me wrong -- almost all fighting games have terrible story because for the longest time it was just an afterthought.


KOF's story slowly evolved into something approaching interesting after many years of iteration.  Tekken as well.  The problem with Street Fighter is that at its core the whole game was about national stereotypes punching each other, and not much else.  Until the Alpha series, this was literally the ENTIRE story of of the SF franchise.


Alpha came along and added some plot lines for different characters, but it was still relatively weak.  Then for 10+ years while other franchises were making an attempt to have some kind of story, SF was still doing random slides at the end of arcade mode and calling it a day.  There was the movie and the anime series/OVAs, but those could barely be considered canon to begin with, and they contradicted each other.  A lot of SF lore is implied/was put together by fans/frankensteined together from various sources that at the time had nothing to do with one another.


Rival Schools had an entire second disc with an adventure game/visual novel built-in, so it's not like Capcom didn't care about having a story when they felt like it.  Story was just never considered much of a priority for SF.


SF comes from an era when story in games literally didn't matter, and it really shows.  Even now story mode seems bolted-on and random.  Not saying the game is any better or worse for it -- I just tend to ignore it now because I think that ship has sailed for SF.

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Johnny is a silent person.
He has a quick punch, probably a former boxer.
He has a short temper, and frequently causes brawls.




Name: Johnny
Height: 186cm
Weight: 88kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May, 4
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Hip hop dance
Dislikes: His Brother


He had an older brother who dreamt about becoming a professional boxer,
but became a gang member when Johnny was 10.
His brother tried to justify himself saying that he needed money to help the family,
but Johnny didn't accept it and ran away from home.


Years later, Johnny learnt that his brother
was gunned down shortly after he had run away.
He became a gang member himself to find out the culprit.

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Falke's release date and backstory got accidentally leaked on Capcom Unity:





Falke, the Guardian Hawk, Vaults into Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on April 24!

Posted by: Andy Wong on Apr 16, 2018 at 12:25:45 AM


[Key Art]


Falke, the third character of Season 3, will officially join Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on April 24! As a brand new character to the series, swoop in and watch her gameplay trailer below!


[Gameplay Trailer]


Falke was built to be an alternative clone for M. Bison. She was heavily experimented on by Shadaloo and was forced to train day in, day out to achieve perfection. Falke has the unique ability to infuse Psycho Power into objects and release it through them, mainly through her staff, which she named Harmony. Years of harsh training went by, causing Falke to spiral deep into despair, wishing for it all to end. Finally, Ed came to her rescue and they both were able to escape Shadaloo. Now, the two have a sibling-like bond and are searching for others like them in need



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Fat Jack


Jack is a gang underling who doesn’t do much of anything,
but he’s terrible when angered.
He’s part of Callman’s team.




Name: Fat Jack
Height: 197cm
Weight: 181kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: June, 1
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Ramen
Dislikes: Mornings (he’s a night owl)


A big man active in Metro City’s downtown.
He takes care of the destruction work, relying primarily upon his great strength.
He often fights against Metro City’s policemen.


Recently, he got into the habit of
tirelessly frequenting a new Japanese ramen restaurant.

Edited by Miðgarðsorm

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A close friend of Rick, who uses metal claws like him.
A silent worker who came from Mexico to the US.




Name: Dirk

Height: 195cm
Weight: 94kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: May, 11
Country of Origin: Mexico
Favorite things: Omelettes (with cheese)¹
Dislikes: Alcohol


Rick maintains his beloved metal claws.
Apparently, he sends all his allowances to his family.
He hates alcohol,
because he remembers his father caused an accident while drunk.



¹ This so reminded me of Dexter’s laboratory…


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No one expects such a cool beauty
to be a violent gang member.
Her specialties are knife attacks and the Frankensteiner.




Name: May
Height: 170cm
Weight: It’s a secret
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: January, 28
Country of Origin: France
Favorite things: Holidays, Baths

Dislikes: Haggar


She ostensibly works as a dancer,
but is also an assassin, specialised in knives.
They say that her favourite pastime is washing away the blood of her victims.
She never actually learnt wrestling,
but uses her skills as a dancer to compensate
and is somehow able to do some moves.

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11 minutes ago, misterBee said:

This one kinda looks like a bootleg Nina Williams.

Well, both Final Fight 3 and Tekken came out in 1995, so it's very unlikely. May is more of a Cammy bootleg, as they used almost the same animation for her Frankensteiner that Cammy had in SSF2. Capcom always recycled itself.

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And finally, the last FF3 character!
He loves “Big B. and the Bullheads”.¹
He’s a big fan of Brilliancy.
(Brilliancy is in the London stage)




Name: Ray
Height: 180cm
Weight: 72kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: April, 6
Country of Origin: USA
Favorite things: Live Concerts
Dislikes: Annoying Landlords


A man who doesn’t care about the future, enjoying his present
along with a friend who came from UK.
He can’t play instruments, but loves hearing music and making ruckus.
He earns his daily income
by working for a gang.



¹ The punk band in the background of London stage. We already know that Schot is a former member. Brilliancy is the girl.


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She uses staff techniques, trained using Psycho Power.
Her bond with Ed comes from the fact that both have relations with Shadaloo.
Her name (codename) means “hawk” in German.
And here’s her command list!




Name: Falke
Height: 176cm
Weight: 54kg
Blood type: A
Birthday: May, 25
Home Country: Unknown
Favorite things: Milk Tea, Theatre
Dislikes: Shadaloo
Fighting Style: Psycho Power and Bōjutsu





She has the ability to inject Psycho Power into her staff,
called “Harmony”, and then shoot it.
Her ability to shoot Psycho Power instantaneously
is lower compared to Ed and Bison,
but she can charge and increase the power.
She was confined in a Shadaloo’s laboratory and piled up loads of training.
She’s a perfectionist, and deals with everything scrupulously.
She’s well-versed in house chores and cooking, and is unexpectedly family-oriented.


“Harmony” represents the harmony between Falke and Psycho Power.
She has several books,
and always thinks about the best strategy and tactics according to the situation.

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I think SFV would look nicer if they used the cheerful 2D cartoon style from story art instead of the harsher-looking 3D they have now.  Difference between Falke art and her in-game model are like night and day. Game could use some cheer.

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I didn't know the lore thread continued over here, awesome!  To spur some coversation, what are your thoughts on G (and his possible connection to Q?)


Here's an old post I made on SRK:


"I’m the resident obsessive, Q speculator in the SF Lore thread, so you’ll have to excuse all the tinfoil hat nonsense and detail

Anyways, so far, the little details in G make me think he and Q are related but two different people.

I posted this the other day in the lore thread.


The clenched fist, the stark contrasting colours (black and red and white pants), fancier coat scream flashiness. Q was in a basic trenchcoat, slacks and a white t-shirt and tie. Classy and understated, but with what we’ve seen of G, he looks to be quite the arrogant showman.

One of the few things Q says is “I am…abomination” and he cries through the mask. The little we’ve seen of G, I can’t imagine him to have a sympathetic bone in his gold-clad body. Now I’m seeing things differently. Let’s look at what we have on the table:

-As Cestus noted, the recent design notes mention that Q’s locked into the mask and misc notes mention he’s possibly being controlled like a puppet

-Q has generally bizarre and loose movements, but at times such as when he parries, he can drop the act normal for a spell.

-When shocked, we cannot see his skeleton, we’ve theorized that this is due to incredibly dense muscle structure.

-His win poses have him shedding a tear, reflecting and saying he’s an abomination, looking at the opponent and deciding to stare, leave or stomp on their leg.

-G appears to be a two-faced (look at the drastically different S3 preview pics that we were shown – arrogant villain face, and noble face), media focused, proud to show off his global-patterned, golden arms and mocking, villainous sneer

-His story outfit bears an incredible resemblance to Q, but it appears much fancier and villainous. He also doesn’t have a rigid pose as Q does.

I think that SF3 Q’s movements are some residual damage (Nerve? Psychological) from being controlled and he remembers and regrets being one of the “Sons of G” hence him being an abomination.

From what we know, he’s been seen around the globe at different crime scenes, but observing, not fleeing, or causing them.

His ability to show empathy and rage to me suggest that he’s a victim of some sort and is lashing out in anger at being attacked, or maybe he thinks the strong opponents who fight him are a possible threat that need to be stopped like G and whatever operations he’s connected to.

I’m thinking that G’s vanity will be on display, and other Q’s will be similar in appearance, but “our” Q is the only one who will act so bizarre. I dunno, I feel like he’s broken control at a heavy price and is investigating whatever G’s plots may be. IF the Kiki stuff isn’t retconned, then he’s already been active for some time and Viper is after him in between spying on Shadaloo, but G as we know him will be in his Abe Lincoln outfit.

It’s been brought to my attention that the Black and Red story costume alt for G is not his main story costume colour, whatever it is remains to be seen, but I still think the body language and mask differences are significant.

Also, I feel that the letters for their names may mean something. G could stand for the obvious Gold, but also Governance/Global, while Q could stand for Quartz and Quarry. What we know of Q is he’s always found around crime scenes as if he’s investigating or searching for his “quarry”, and with quartz, that could be literal or symbolic of his high durability (3s taunt x3), strength, etc.

I feel like the overall story for G will be that he’s a current or former Illuminati agent, he’s setting himself up to run for mayor of Metro city or even President (looking at the Uncle Sam and Abe Lincoln elements in his design, also the stage he seems to be on for the Menat part of AE’s intro.)

His pet project could be the Alphabets and he could have made the other members in his image, but Q may have escaped. His weird body movements, as I mentioned before could be related to him breaking free or still fighting control from G. Oro in SF3 made a joke saying Q looks like the Tokusatsu character, Robo Detective K, so with that bit of reference, if they’re continuing the Tokusatsu theme, G and Q’s relationship could be like Kamen Rider Black and Golgom’s. Golgom made Kamen Rider to be their ultimate weapon but instead, he became their biggest obstacle, so Q could be hiding in the shadows, investigating G and his various operations, while Crimson Viper tails Q and wonders what the hell is going on.

Anyone still with me?"

Edited by ShockDingo

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As I mentioned earlier I think G and Q are separate characters.  I've posted this all over the place trying to get the word out (even sent it to SRK . com and Eventhubs and Maximillian hah) so sorry if this is a repost.


Here's my major project: a rather detailed analysis of G and Q and my thesis that they're connected but not the same person. 


I'd totally appreciate spreading this vid around if you could, or even a thumbs up on YT if you have an account.  Every little bit helps!  Enjoy!



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