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The SFV Character Concept Thread

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This one has been sitting around for a while. I've had his entire moveset done for months. I just needed to develop his appearance, tone, origin, likes, dislikes, and of course his reason for being in SFV. Usually, I have an easy time with those aspects and a hard time with the move set. Go figure. Dutch Kickboxing has finally come to Street Fighter.


Name: Zeger Verhoeven


Nickname: The Young Phenom (De Jong Wonderkind)


Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Dutch

Height: 7ft 0in (2.26m)

Weight: 344lbs (156kg)

B/W/H: 54-37-40(137cm-94cm-102cm)


Hometown: Breda, Netherlands


Appearance: Zeger is a towering man with a lean but muscular build. He has dirty blonde hair. His head is completely shaven on the sides with the long hair on the top of his pulled into a ponytail that comes down to the middle of his back. Zeger wears a white sleeveless t-shirt. The collar and arm holes of the T-shirt are red. The chest of the T-Shirt features a blue logo. It is comprised of the letters “VKA” across the chest and the silhouette of a fighter performing a high step kick below it. He has on white kickboxing shorts with a wide red waistband and a pair of blue stripes running down the sides of each leg. His hand are covered with blue kickboxing gloves with white colored thumbs and red wristband. Zeger has red ankle guards on his feet. The calf, heel, and toe opens have blue trim.


Likes: Anonymity, Nuakan, Stroopwafel (Dutch Waffle Cookie)

Dislikes: Arrogance, Adon, Paparazzi


Fighting Style: Dutch Kickboxing


Tone: Zeger is a respectful young man that remains humble despite his fame.


Origins: Zeger comes from a kickboxing family. Both his mother Anika and father Kerstan were professional kickboxers. While neither of them achieved a championship level, they did open a successful and respected kickboxing gym. Verhoeven Kickboksen Academie (Kickboxing Academy) has become renown for producing high caliber technical boxers. Not known for their athleticim, Anika and Kerstan were both great technicians. Zeger, unlike his parents, has been blessed exceptional physical ability. His ability combined with his parents technical style has made him a prodigy. Competitors christened him “De Jong Wonderkind” or The Young Phenom after he quickly climbed the ranks while remaining undefeated.

Zeger grew watching the film of the great kickboxers of past and present. His favorite fighter was the previous Emperor of Muay Thai, Nuakan. Despite his great size, Nuakan possessed great stamina and agility. Although Zeger uses his family style, his approach to fighting mirror's Nuakan. Like his favorite fighter, Zeger has great agiliity and stamina despite his great size.


His Rival: Sagat


Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 2 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

1025 Stamina 1025 Stun




Dolk Mep (Dagger Blow) – LP+LK: Zeger snags his opponent in a Thai cling and hits them with a powerful right hooking elbow strike that sends them fspinning away.


Hamer Klap (Hammer Blow)– B+LP+LK: Zeger snags his opponent in a Thai clinch, turns them around, hops up and elbows them on the top of the head. His staggers backward and falls down.


Unique Attacks:


Opwaadering Klap (Lifting Blow) – F+MP – Zeger strikes with a quick upward elbow strike (6F) than can anti air with proper timing.

Hamer Val (Hammer Fall) – F+HP (Overhead) – Zeger rains down a quick downward right elbow strike that hits overhead. Fast startup, +2 on hit, -6 on block


Knieschijf Run (Patella Crush) – F+LK – Zeger hits with a quick downward left kick to his opponent's knee. Must be blocked low. -5 on block

Knie Lift (Knee Lift) – B+HK – Zeger hits his opponent with a powerful right knee that launches his opponent. -7 on block


Opklimmend Val (Rising Fall) – F+MP, F+HP – Zeger strike's with a quick upward elbow strike into overhead elbow strike combination

Run Draagraket (Crush Launcher) - F+LK, B+HK – Zeger hits his foe with downward left kick to the knee followed by a powerful right knee that launches his opponent.




Snelle Elleboog (Rapid Elbow) – F+PPP: Zeger steps forward and hits his opponent stiff hooking right elbow to temple that knocks them down.



Kinetisch Pareren(Kinetic Riposte) – MP+MK: Zeger raises his right knee and lowers hit right elbow until they both meet. If timed properly, Zeger will absorb his opponents attack whether it's physical or a projectile. If it's physical, the opponent is blown back a quarter screen. Successful attempts cause Zeger to store the kinetic energy from the attack giving access to a projectile of his own. Zeger can store enough energy for up to three projectiles. All projectiles are 38 Total Frames. (Same as Guile's Sonic Boom). Since a successful attempts cause no damage to his opponent, failed attempts are NOT subject to a Crush Counter.

  • Hollands Kielzog (Dutch Wake) – B+MP+MK: (Requires 1 energy store): Zeger releases a fast medium sized projectile. 90 Damage/150 Stun
  • Hollands Golf (Dutch Wave) – MP+MK: (Requires 2 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast large projectile. 2Hits 120 Damage/200 Stun Causes Limited Juggle State
  • Hollands Schokgolf (Dutch Shockwave) – F+MP+MK (Requires 3 energy stores): Zeger release a massive fast moving projectile. 3 hits 150 Damage/250 Stun

Zeger gains a small amount of V-Gauge from successful ripostes and blocked projectiles. He gets a significant boost to his V-Gauge from landed projectiles.


V-Trigger 1:


Hollands Pistool (Dutch Pistol) – HP+HK: Zeger internalizes his own kinetic energy. Giving him access to Dutch Wake with no need for stores and his other projectiles receive decrease in energy store requirements.

  • Hollands Kielzog (Dutch Wake) – B+HP+HK: (Requires 0 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast standard sized projectile. 90 Damage/150 Stun, 1/8 V-Gauge cost
  • Hollands Golf (Dutch Wave) – HP+HK: (Requires 1 energy stores): Zeger releases a fast medium projectile. 2Hits 120 Damage/200 Stun, Causes Limited Juggle State, ¼ V-Gauge cost.
  • Hollands Schokgolf (Dutch Shockwave)– F+HP+HK (Requires 2 energy stores): Zeger release a large fast moving projectile. 3 hits 150 Damage/250 Stun, Causes Juggle State, ½ V-Gauge Cost
  • Hollands Kanon (Dutch Cannon) – D+HP+HK (Requires 3 stores): Zeger release a massive fast moving projectile. 5 hits 250 Damage/350 Stun Causes Juggle State, Expends V-Trigger

3 Bar V-Trigger


V-Trigger 2:


Vlaams Furie (Flemish Fury)– HP+HK: Zeger focuses his kinetic energy into his arms and legs. All of Zeger's physical strike based attacks have their Startup reduced by 1F. Attacks that leave his opponent standing gain an +1 advantage on hit. Attacks that knock his opponent down leaves him +2 after a forward dash. The reduced startup and advantage after a forward dash does not apply to his Elleboog Salvo command grab. V-Trigger gauge drains over time.

2 Bar V-Trigger




Elleboog Salvo (Elbow Salvo) – QCB+P: (Command Grab) Zeger clinches with his opponent and hits them with a short left-right elbow combination to his opponent's temples followed by a left-right double elbow uppercut combination. 6F Startup. Grab range, damage, and position relative to the opponent is determined by the punch button. LP(Most Range, Least Damage, Knocks Foe ¾ Screen Away), MP(Less Range, More Damage, Knocks Foe ¼ Screen Away, HP(Least Range, Most Damage, Knocks Foe ½ Screen Away) EX (Most Range, Most Damage, Leaves Zeger Standing Next To His Opponent)


Elleboog Spervuur (Elbow Cannonade) – QCF+P : (Rekka) Zeger strikes with a spinning right back elbow that can be followed up with two more elbows by repeating the attacks input command. Second followup is a spinning left back elbow, and the final follow up has Zeger spins 360° striking with a powerful right elbow. Travel distance is the same for all versions. All versions leave the opponent standing. Punch button determines startup and damage output. LP(5F, Least Damage, +1 on Hit), MP(6F, More Damage, +2 on hit), HP(7F, Most Damage,+3 on hit), EX(5F, Most Damage, Frame 3 Armor, Crumples Opponent)


Plançon Stamp (Plançon Kick)– QCF+K : Zeger strikes with a powerful dashing high side kick that leaves his foes standing. Kick button determines the distance travel. Damage and advantage on hit is universal. All version are +2 on hit. All versions are -4 on block when properly spaced. Improperly spaced Plason Kick's are incredibly unsafe. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX (Gains Armor Frame 3, ¾ Screen)


Godendart Stamp (Godendart Kick) – QCB +K: Zeger strikes with a powerful dashing low step kick that takes his foes of their feet. Kick button determines the distance travel. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX (Gains Armor Frame 3, ¾ Screen)


Strijdvlegel Stamp (Strijdvlegel Kick) – F,D, DF+K: (Anti Air) : Zeger performs a vicious high left step kick that has different properties depending on whether his foe grounded or in the air. All versions are invincible to Aerial Attacks and Projectiles frame 3.

  • (Aerial Opponent) His foes is left doubled over on his foot. He then brings leg down to the ground violently causing them bounce off the ground back into the air. Zeger then hits his prone aerial foe with a swift spinning back kick to small of their back that sends the hurtling away.
  • (Grounded Opponent) Zeger's high step kick lifts his foe into the air and Zeger hits his prone aerial foe with a swift spinning back kick to the abdomen that sends his foe flying away.

LK(5F Startup, Aerial 3hits 135 Damage/150 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 90 Damage/100 Stun), MK(7F Startup, Aerial 3hits 165 Damage/180 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 110 Damage/120 Stun), HK(9F Startup, Aerial 3hits 195 Damage/210 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 130 Damage/140 Stun), EX(6F Startup, Aerial 3hits 210 Damage/225 Stun, Grounded 2 hits 140 Damage/150 Stun)


Critical Art:


Arsenaal Spervuur (Arsenal Barrage) – QCFx2+K: Zeger strikes with a charging back left elbow strike to the sternum, stunning his opponent. He then strikes with a right hooking elbow to the temple, a left hooking elbow to the temple, a spinning right back elbow to the jaw, a left elbow uppercut, and he sends his foe face first into the ground with a jumping right elbow smash to the head. 6 Hits 340 Damage (5x40, 1x140)


Reasons to be in SFV:


Zeger enter the tournament solely to face off against Sagat. Sagat is considered the greatest kickboxer in the world. He defeated Zeger's idol, Nuakan, to earn the title of Emperor of Muay Thai. If Zeger can defeat Sagat, he'll be considered the greatest kickboxer in the world. With a victory of Sagat, Zeger seeks to not only honor his parents but earn the respect of his idol Nuakan. With Nuakan's respect, Zeger hopes to be granted the honor of learning his signature attack. The invincible knee strike known as the Hanuman Kick.


Side Note:

  • Zeger's elbow based specials are named for rapid fire artilerry strikes.
  • Zeger's kick attacks are named after medieval Dutch melee weapons.
  • Zeger is the antithesis of Sagat. While they both possess great range, Zeger's style focuses on melee attacks. He's more mobile than Sagat, but lacks his power.


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I haven't done an antagonist type in a while. So....


Name: Yul Kahn


Nickname: Stealth Conqueror


Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Mongolian

Height: 6ft 2in (1.88m)

Weight: 216lbs (98kg)

B/W/H: 46-35-37(117cm-89cm-94cm)


Hometown: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Appearance: Yul has a muscular build. He short black cropped hair, a neatly trimmed goatee, with no beard. Yul's eyes are golden in color. He wears a modern take on traditional Mongolian armor made of lightweight an highly durable synthetic leather over a synthetic red silk shirt and pants.. Yul has blue “leather” armor that is stitched together from small rectangular pieces. The stitching is golden color. The upper tunic has shoulder pads and is sleeveless. It features a fauld that stops of above the knee. The fauld covers a white leather built with golden trim and horse emblem on the buckle. His blue leather pants have identical stitching a construction. Yul's forearms are cover by white leather gauntlets with gold trim. His hands are gloveless. Yul has white leather boots with gold trim and laces that stop just below his knee.


Likes: Studying Languages, Training, Business Acquisitions, Equestrianism

Dislikes: Failure, Ignorance


Fighting Style: Jaws of The Horde


Tone: Yul is calculated, calm, and perceptive. He is known for being “5 steps” ahead of his adversaries.


Origins: As his surname implies, Yul can trace his lineage all the way back to the great Genghis Khan. His ancestor have spent the last eight centuries trying to sire the next great conqueror. While most people marry for love, Khan's family arranged marriages to ensure the strongest offspring. The result of 800 years of the smartest and strongest marrying is Yul Khan. His exception physical capability is matched a superior intellect.


Yul's family is not only the richest in Mongolia but one of the richest in the world. Only the Kanzuki Zaibatsu exceeds the Golden Khan Conglomerate in wealth. The conglomerate is a combination of his mother's mining operations, his father's agricultural business, and his recently founded a quickly ascending technology corporation. Yul has developed a state of the art microchip architecture that quickly taken the globe by storm.

Due to his family's wealth and disposition, Yul has had the best education money can buy. From the age of nine on, he has spent a half a year in a different country. Learning of their histories and cultures. As a result Yul has mastered dozens of languages and martial arts. He has taken the best elements of those arts and combined them into his own unique style that he has dubbed Jaws of The Horde. Although he rarely has to resort to physical confrontations. Yul's extensive knowledge of foreign cultures allows him to gain control of whatever assets he desires with little resistance.


Yul seeks to bring order to the chaos of the world. He has subjugated numerous businesses , of the legal and illegal variety. He has become the hidden super power of the world. Yul believes that only under his sole leadership can humanity achieve true greatness.


His Rival: Gill


Attributes: Health: 2 Power: 5 Range: 4 Mobility: 4 Technique: 5

925 Health/925 Stun




Blue Horde Driver – LP+LK: Yul uses his left arm to grabs his foe's face with a claw grip, lifts them off the ground, and drives them into the ground onto the back of their head.


White Horde Slam -B+LP+LK: Yul use his right arm to grab his foe's face with a claw grip, lifts them overhead, and slams them into the ground behind him.


Golden Horde Stampede- LP+LK (In Air): Yul snatches his foe out of the air with his left hand claw grip, slams them into the ground, and immediately pummels with right hand to the face.


Unique Attacks:


Rending Halberd -B+MP – Yul strikes with a double axe handle uppercut that can anti air with proper timing.


Sword Pommel- F+HP (Overhead): Yul hits his opponent with an left overhead hammer fist. 26F Startup, +4 on Hit, - 2 on Block


Arrow Fall – D+HK: From the apex of his forward jump, Yul executes a diving one foot stomp that descends at a 60° angle.

Impending Siege – B+MP, F+HP: Yul hits his foe with a double axe handle uppercut into a left overhead hammerfist combination.




Catapult Clash – F+KKK: Yul mule kicks his opponent with both feet, sending them flying a ½ screen away.




Subjugation Might – MP+MK: (Command Grab) Yul violently clasps his hands together on each side of his opponents face, lifts them off the ground, jumps into the air, and throws them downward slamming the back of their head on the ground. Can be charged to increase damage, V-Gauge gain, grab range, and advantage on hit.

  • Uncharged, 8F Startup, Shorter Grab Range, 160 Damage/210 Stun, Lands half screen away, 60F whiff recovery
  • Charged, 12F Startup, Longer Grab Range, 200 Damage/250 Stun, Lands Next To Foe, 60F whiff recovery


Subjugation Fury – MP+MK: (In Air, Command Grab) Yul snatches his opponent out of the air, by grasping their head with both hands, and drives them into the ground with a modified sit out powerbowb. 6F Startup, 175 Damage/225 Stun, Lands ½ Screen Away, 12F whiff recovery upon landing.


V-Trigger 1:


Unyielding Conqueror – HP+HK: Yul's entire body becomes surrounded by a golden aura increasing defense.

  • White Life damaged received is reduced by 50%, this does NOT stack with this V-Triggers damage reduction
  • Damage received reduced by 15%
  • Back Dash gains invincibility at cost of ½ his V-Gauge
  • Vanquisher Might gains armor frame 3 at cost of ¼ of his V-Gauge

2-Bar V-Trigger


V-Trigger 2:


Overwhelming Conqueror – HP+HK: Yul's hands and feet become engulfed in golden flames increasing his offensive capability and giving him access to the Triumphant Conquest critical art.

  • Subjugation Might - Uncharged Startup Reduced from 8F to 7F, charged Startup Reduced from 12F to 10F
  • Subjugation Fury - Startup Reduced from 6F to 5F, landing recovery on whiff reduced from 12F to 10F
  • Cavalry Spear – Projectile Invincibility on Frame 1, LP 0 on Block, MP -2 on Block, HP, -4 on Block, EX Causes Juggle State
  • Trebuchet Launch – LP, MP Total Frames Reduced 44F to 40F, HP 45F to 42F, EX 30F to 27F
  • Incineration Bow – LP, MP, HP Total Frames Reduced 58F to 52F, EX 49F to 46F
  • Scalding Arrow Head – Startup Reduced from 9F to 7F,
  • Mangonel Crash – LK Startup Reduced 15F to 12F, MK 20F to 17F, HK 24F to 21F, EX 12F to 9F
  • Crowning Sabre – LK Startup Reduced 5F to 3F, MK 6F to 4F, HK 7F to 5F, EX 5F to 4F, Full Startup Invincibility

3 Bar V-Trigger, Permanent




Cavalry Spear – HCF+P : Yul cocks back his left arm, twisting his torso 180°, and explodes forward extending his left arm outward striking his foe in the sternum with a knife hand punch to the sternum. All versions knock down. Distance determined by the punch button pressed. Projectile invincible frame 3. LP (¼ Screen, -2 on Block), MP( ½ Screen, -4 on Block), HP( ¾ Screen, -5 on Block) EX( ¾ Screen, Gains Armor Frame 3)


Trebuchet Launch – F,D,DF+P: Yul soars forward through the air while pulling back his right arm twisting his torso 180°. The jump arch and travel distance is determined by the punch button pressed. LP (¼ Screen), MP(½ Screen), HP( ¾ Screen), EX(Projectile Invincible Frame 1, Hold Back ¼ Screen, No Input ½ Screen, Hold Forward ¾ Screen) Attack has two follow up options.

  • Boulder Crash – P: (Overhead)Yul strikes his foe in the forehead with an open palm strike.
  • Sweeping Lance – K: Yul spins 360° and strikes with a low left backhand chop that knocks his foe off their feet. Must be blocked low.


Incineration Bow – HCB+P: Yul raises his left arm and chops downward creating an arc of golden flame resembling a bow. While doing so, he pulls back his right arm, and thrusts it forward creating an flaming arrow like projectile that carries the flaming arc forward. All versions startup in 23F(58 Total Frames), Hit twice, and knock down (80 Damage/160 Stun). Punch Button pressed determines the projectile speed. LP(Slow), MP(Faster), HP(Fastest) EX(14F Startup , 49 Total Frames, 100 Damage/200 Stun, LP+MP Slow, LP+HP Faster, MP+HP Fastest)


Scalding Arrow Head – HCB+P (In Air): From a neutral jump, Yul cocks back his left arm, twisting his torso 180°, and explodes with a left knife hand punch that creates a small arrow head shaped projectile. 9F Startup, 9F Recovery on Landing. Projectile angle determined by the punch button pressed. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX (Can be performed neutral or forward jump, LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state)


Mangonel Crash – F,D,DF+K: Yul jumps slightly forward high into the air and descends rapidly stomps the ground with both feet. The impact creates a shockwave directly in front him that staggers or floors his opponent. LK(Fastest Startup, Staggers Opponent) MK(Slower Startup, Knocks Down), HK(Slowest Startup, Causes Juggle State), EX(Fastest Startup, Launches Opponent Into The Air)


Crowning Sabre – HCB+K: (Anti Air) Yul strikes his foe with a front flip somersault axe kick that sets his foe ablaze in golden flames. The kick button pressed determine the height, startup, and damage of the attack. All versions become invincible to airborne attacks on the first active frame. LK (5F Startup, Standing Somersault), MK(6F, Hopping Somersault) HK(7F, Jumping Somersault), EX(5F, Jumping Somersault, Causes Ground Bounce)


Critical Art:


Vanquisher Dominion – HCFx2+K: Yul spins 360 ° and strikes his opponent with a high spinning back kick that sends then sailing skyward, he jumps after them and sends them crashing into the ground with a powerful Crowning Sabre, and plants them into the ground with a quaking Mangonel Crash. 3 hits 330 Damage


V-Trigger 2 Only


Triumphant Conquest – LP, LK, F, HP, HK: Yul strikes his foe at point blank range with a massive Scalding Arrow Head that carries his foe into the air at a 45° Degree angle, He then fires twenty small Scalding Arrow Heads at his prone aerial, while they descend form that attack, he charges an enormous Incineration Bow that strikes his foe and violent slams them against the side of the screen 30 Hits 400 Damage (5x10, 20x10, 5x30)


Reasons to be in SFV:


The fall of Shadaloo has allowed to Yul to accelerate his own plans for domination. The only real obstacle to his goals is the Illumanti/Secret Society. He will take out their leadership and use the confusion to increase his own grip on the world.


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This is the damned Soul Calibur VI character creator's fault. @GetTheTables


Yamato/Yasha Nadeshiko


Nickname: Split Personality Grappler (Nijūjinkaku Resura)


Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 7½in (1.71m)

Weight: 159lbs (72kg)

B/W/H: 36-27-36 (91cm-69cm-91cm)


Hometown: Hakone, Japan


Appearance: Nadeshiko is a stout and powerfully built woman. She short black hair in a bob hairstyle. Nadeshiko has dark eyes and wears a two piece, midriff baring wrestling leotard. The top piece is long sleeved with av-shaped neckline that shows off her cleavage. The left half of the piece is white with black kanji, 大和ナデシコ, (Yamato Nadeshiko) running down the arm. The right half of the piece is red with a Japanese Flag logo on the shoulder. The neckline and the base of the piece has red border. Nadeshiko has a red sash tied around her waist. She had on a white bikini bottom that shows off her legs. Nadeshiko has red knee pads and long white boots with red laces on her feet. When she becomes Yasha, she puts on a white kabuki mask that red eye shadow and black eyebrows painted on it. There are nose and mouth holes in the mask. Red lips are painted around the mouth hole.


Likes: Wagashi, Shiba Inu, (Cruelty)

Dislikes: Ball Games, (R. Mika)


Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling


Tone: Yamato Nadeshiko is a fiery yet humble woman. (Yasha Nadeshiko cold, brutal, and merciless woman)


Origins: Nanae grew up in Hakone, Japan. A tourist town about an hour outside of Tokyo known for it's hot springs and traditional Japanese inns. Which is fitting because she is the only daughter of innkeepers. Nanae was reserved and quiet. The “ideal” daughter. The kids in the town teased Nanae. Her family was well off and she was “perfect”. They called her Yamato Nadeshiko. A usually endearing term denoting the “ideal woman”. However, they did not mean it as a compliment. The inference was that Nanae was perfect and thought she was better than them.


When she was a little girl, a famous wrestler stayed at her family inn. She'd never seen a wrestler before. As the wrestler and her training partners practiced in backyard of the inn, Nanae peered curiously out her window. She was completely enamored with what she saw. The wrestler noticed the curiously little girl looking at them from her window. Nervous, the meek Nanae quickly hid under her bed. A few moments later, she heard a knock at her door. Nanae remained still, trying to stay as quiet as possible. She could hear the door open and foot steps coming toward her. She closed her eyes. Suddenly she heard a “whooshing” sound. As Nadeshiko opened her eyes, a large woman was standing above her, holding up her mattress and box spring with one hand. It was Yoko Harmageddon. She smiled down at the frightened Nanae, offering Nanae her hand. Nanae took her hand.


From that point on, every year Yoko would vacation at the Sato family inn. Nanae would anxiously wait her return. Each time she visited the inn Yoko would show her a new move. Nanae would catch would ever matches she could and try her best to emulate what she saw. When she was old enough, Nanae decided that she would leave with Yoko. Knowing her parents wouldn't approve. She wrote a long letter to them. Nanae left the letter on her bed and departed with Yoko for the IJWPW.


Her Rival: R.Mika


Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 3 Range: 2 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4

950 stamina 1050 stun




Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only


Petal Slam – LP+LK: Nadeshiko picks up her opponent and scoop body slams them.


Nectar Suplex – B+LP+LK: Nadeshiko snap suplexes her opponent behind her.


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only


Blossom Breaker – LP+LK: Nadeshiko grabs her foe by the side of the head, puts her head under their chin, jumps into the air, and slams theirchin onto the top of her head. (Jawbreaker)


Rose Thorn – B+LP+LK: Nadeshiko picks her opponent up by the waist, turns 180°, and slams their groin onto her knee (Inverted Atomic Drop)


Pollinater – LP+LK: (Crouching Opponent) Nadeshiko grabs her crouching foe by the head and knees them in the face, lifting them off the ground. (Shining Wizard)


Unique Attacks:


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only


Yamato Lariat –F+HP: (Hit Grab) Nadeshiko grabs her foes by the neck with her left arm, pull them in, and uses her right arm to floor them with a standing lariat. Attacks causes a side switch.


Flying Nadeshiko – F+HK: Nadeshiko hits her opponent with a flying body splash, attack leaves her opponent standing. +3 on Hit, -5 on Block


Bloom Elbow – D+MP: (In Air) Nadeshiko executes a flying elbow drop from the apex of her forward jump. Bloom Elbow halts her forward momentum and she descends straight downward.


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only


Brain Freeze – B+HP: Nadeshiko executes a quick head butt that leaves her opponent standing after it hits.


Bad Touch – B+MP: Nadeshiko drops to one knee and strikes her opponent with hammer fist uppercut to the groin. Attack must be blocked low. (Low Blow)




Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only


Flower In Bloom – F+KKK: Nadeshiko kicks her foe in the gut and plants them face first in the ground with a double underhook face buster (HHH's Pedigree)


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only


Eye Poke – F+PPP: Nadeshiko pokes her opponent in the eyes causing them to stagger backward. Leaves the opponent standing.




Spring Time – MP+MK: Nadeshiko handsprings toward her opponent. The handspring is Projectile and Strike invincible frame 3. If no button is pressed, Nadeshiko returns to her neutral stance with 8 Recovery Frames. Three follow ups. 2 for Yamato, 1 for Yasha


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only

  • P - Spring Breeze: Nadeshiko strikes her opponent with a flying back elbow to the head. Attack knocks down opponent.
  • K – Spring Shower: Nadeshiko converts her handspring into kick that hits overhead. Attack must be block high. -6 On Block.

Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only

  • LP+LK – Yasha Buster: Nadeshiko grabs her opponents head with her back facing them and drive it into the ground. (Handspring Bulldog)

V-Trigger 1:


Full Nadeshiko – HP+HK: Nadeshiko throws off traditional pro wrestling classifications and comes at her opponent with her full wrestling arsenal. Nadeshiko can now us her face and heel attacks at the same time. Her Yamato (Face) Throws are still done with MP+MK. Her Yasha (Heel) Throws are done with HP-HK and B+HP+HK. 3-Bar V-Trigger Permanent


V-Trigger 2:


Heel's Heat – HP+HK: Nadeshko goes full heel and pulls out a chair to assault her opponent. All of Nadeshko's punch attacks gain increased range, damage, and frame advantage. Grey life damage of all MP, HP punch attacks is doubled. LP attacks now do a small amount of Grey life damage. Nadeshiko gains a new special. V-Trigger duration 1600F

  • Chair Toss – F+HP+HK: Nadeshko throws a spinning chair at her opponent. Attack costs 1/3 (535F) of her V-Gauge.
  • LP Attack Cost (100F), MP(160F), HP(200F)

Each punch attack drains the V-Gauge. 2-Bar V-Trigger




Bow Breaker – 360°+P: (Command Grab) Nadeshiko grabs her opponent, spins behind them, lifts them overhead, jumps into air, spins 180°, puts both of her knees into her foe's back while pulling back on their head with her right hand and ankles with her left hand. She then drives her foes into the ground while maintaining the Bow Hold. Grabs range, damage, and landing distance from the opponent is determined by the punch button pressed. All versions have 5F Startup. LP(Most Range, 180 Damage/200 Stun, Lands ½ Screen Away) MP(Less Range, 190 Damage/200 Stun, Lands ¼ Screen Away) HP(Least RANGE, 200 Damage/200 Stun, Land's Point Blank) EX(Most Range, 240 Damage/250 Stun, Land's Point Blank)


Maiden Scorn – QCB+K: Nadeshiko hits her opponent in the head with a twisting jump kick. (Enziguri). Attack goes over low attacks. All versions knock down. Startup, damage, and advantage on hit, determined by the kick button. LK (12F Startup, 75 Damage/150 Stun) MK(18F Startup, 100 Damage/150 Stun), HK(24F Startup, 125 Damage/200 Stun), EX(18F Startup, 150 Damage/240 Stun)


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only


Heel Turn – D,D+PP: Yamato Nadeshiko turns into Yasha Nadeshiko


Yamato Buster - 360°+K: (Running Command Grab) Nadeshiko runs at her opponent , hops at them, spins behind them, grabs them by the back of the head with hand, and drives them face first into the ground. (One Hand Bulldog). Distance traveled and damage determined by the punch button pressed. LP(180 Damage/200 Stun, 1/3 Screen) MP(190 Damage/200 Stun, ½ Screen) HP(200 Damage/200 Stun, 2/3 screen) EX(Gains Armor Frame 3, 225 Damage/240 Stun, Land's Point Blank)


Peek-A-Boo Driver - QCF+K: (Anti Air Grab) Nadeshiko jumps into the air , performs a full split before slamming her feet onto the sides of her opponents head, and backflipping to drive their head directly into the ground. (Hurricanrana Driver). Attack causes a side switch. Kickbutton determines the startup and damage. LK(6F Startup, 140 Damage/200 Stun) MK(8F Startup, 150 Damage/200 Stun), HK(10F Startup, 160 Damage/200 Stun), EX(Full Startup Invincibility, 6F Startup, 180 Damage/200 Stun)


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only


Face Turn – D,D+PP: YashaNadeshiko turns into Yamato Nadeshiko


Green Mist – HCF+P: Nadeshiko spits cloud of green mist in her opponents faces causing them to stagger backward. Leaves the opponent standing. The punch button pressed determines the duration, damage, and advantage on hit. Has projectile properties. LP (12F Startup 60 Damage/150 Stun) MP(16F Startup 90 Damage/180 Stun, 2 Hits) HP(20F Startup 120 Damage/210 Stun, 3 Hits) EX(12F Startup 150 Damage/240 Stun)


Shinai Blitz – QCB+P: (Rekka) Nadeshiko pulls out a shinai (bambo training sword) and pummels her opponent with up to three strikes. The first swing is a two hand horizontal strike to the left side of the head, second swing is a two hand horizontal strike to the right side of the abdomen, and the final strike is homerun swing to the jaw that sends the opponent sailing through the air. Punch button determines the startup, damage, and distance traveled. LP (7F Startup, 160 Damage/160 Stun, ¼ Screen) MP(9F Startup, 170 Damage/170 Stun, 1/3 Screen) HP(10F Startup, 180 Damage/Stun, ½ Screen) EX (7F Startup, 200 Damage/200 Stun, ½ Screen)


Critical Art:


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face) Only


Maiden Embrace – 360°x2+P: Nadeshiko grabs her foes, spends behinds them, locks them in a cross face chicken wing, jumps high into the air, and back suplexes them directly on their head. ( 3 Hits 380 Damage (2x50, 1x280)


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel) Only


Extreme Rules – HCFx2+K: Nadeshiko slams a steel chair over her opponents head and tosses it on the ground behind her. Hits them in the gut with a Shinai (bamboo training sword) breaking it, She grabs her stunned opponent, jumps backward, high into the air, and slams them face first onto the chair with a sitout facebuster. 3 Hits 330 Damage (3x110)


Reasons to be in SFV:


Yamato Nadeshiko (Face)


With Mika going solo, Nadeshiko had to vacate her IJWPW (Iwashigahama Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling) Tag Team Championship. After a failed attempt to regain the titles with promising but green IJWPW rookie Maple Storm, Nadeshiko decided against a solo title run. Preferring the camaraderie of tag team wrestling, Nadeshiko enters the World Martial Arts Tournament. She'll either convince Mika to return or find a new more capable tag team partner.


Yasha Nadeshiko (Heel)


Yasha Nadeshiko enters the World Martial Arts Tournament to break Rainbow Mika. Defeating Mika isn't enough. She wants to defeat her precious “Master Zangief” and her wealthy sponsor Karin Kanzuki. After waylaying those closest to her, Yasha Nadeshiko will challenge Mika to retirement match and defeat her. After taking away Mika's friends and her career, her vengeance will be complete.


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