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The Dragon Ball FighterZ / MvC2:2 Thread

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So, I could never get a match during the Beta, tell me, is this the rightful heir to MvC2, a forgettable franchise fighter or an afront to DBZ and the FGC?


Also, Anyone knows if the OST pack will be available for purchase later? I want it but I'm not paying for a season pass until all the characters are in.



ADMIN EDIT BY @misterBee :

I'd like to prevent this site from have too many unused subforums, so we'll keep it to this thread for now.


If activity increases and people feel like this game needs its own subforum, please post in the subforum request thread.

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On 1/27/2018 at 1:53 PM, kikimaru024 said:

I wanna get DBFZ but

* I'm old & busted

* I don't wanna learn a new FG

* It's €95 for the full package...


I believe in you! <3


You definitely don't need to buy the ultimate edition...

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You can end a string of normals with ki blast or destructo disc. These are pretty safe UNLESS your opponent has lvl3. If they have level 3 they can reversal you before the projectiles come out.


If you call an assist during your blockstring it will keep you safe as well. You can do something like L, M, assist, H. Opponent will have to block your assist, so won't be able to punish the H.


If you don't feel safe using a projectile ender and don't have assist, then the best you can do is something like L, L. Anything more and you're unsafe on block. Luckily timing in this game is pretty lax so hit confirming shouldn't be too hard.

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18 pauses for a bit to call 17, and if you are hit at any point, 17 will disappear. 17 can be hit as well.


I prefer to use 17 for oki and in neutral, but if you're in someone's face and already in the middle of a blockstring, I'm not sure you can really call him in safely. You can probably combine him with an assist though if you want the added layers of offense.

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