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The Official SRK2 Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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another one of the absolute hottest girls I've ever seen on youtube... here's Anna with her reaction to the 2nd Joker trailer


*and yeah, it's unfortunate that she always films in a way that obscures her body....though from what I've seen, it seems like it's good (i.e.--she doesn't appear to be fatso or a toothpick....perhaps she's trying to make it so the content is the focus instead of her incredible looks)

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Me: Operator here.  What's your emergency?

Her: Yes, there's a booty in my room.

Me:  A...................excuse me, did you say a booty?

Her: Yes sir.  It was never there before.  It just showed up out of nowhere.

Me:  Hmmm. That does sound a bit strange.  Maybe a description of the booty will help us understand.

Her: Hang on. I'll send a picture.



Me:  Okay ma'am, we see it.  Yep, that's a booty.  They aren't dangerous, but we'll keep an eye on it just in case.
Her:  Thank you sir!  I was so worried!

Me:  No problem Ma'am.  😎  We're here to help.

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