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The Official SRK2 Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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The tits look pretty nice but I can't shake the fact that she might have one of these hidden, obese pear-shaped bodies that totally cancels out the boobage due to larger proportions.


For example, Rio Natsume may have a comparatively smaller bust size, but due to her cartoonish feminine proportions looks more impressive:














I'm still waiting for the glorious day she'll finally do nudes. 😭


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it's a bit surprising she gave a good butt shot like that...most of her pics and vids seem to stay away from being "too sexy", like she's always fitting into the "cutesy" style of presenting herself.


while I am here--- the incredible Jeanine posted a new vlog... (*saved to The Collection immediately* goddamn this girl is somethin' else....quick note--a bit after the 3:55 mark *might* be a brief upskirt glimpse when they're in the car😳... I'll have to keep slowing the footage down for further research, of course...) 


lawd have mercy 😮

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Ok I just checked "Mixer" on Live a few minutes ago and was caught off guard by this lovely redhaired FINE white meat with a short skirt on......goes by the name "Kooly" apparently so naturally I did some immediate digging around on the net.....wooo yes yes (*sidenote--it is seriously surprising I didn't get timed out or banned or whatever in their chatroom for "daring" to mention she looked nice, since y'know how deep we are in a new oddly puritanical era era of absolutely pathetic white-knighting and "everything is offensive!")


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ok yeahhhhh this girl is GOLD.  Also, I noticed in one vid on there she has THAT ACCENT (Aussie)...so she is an absolute 10 for me.  Look at the goddamn legs...

the curves...this is insane

edit---ok yeahh... I'm saving sooo many of her pics at this point I should just make a whole foldier/directory for her specifically 😮 this girl is SO goddamn ridiculous


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