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The Official SRK2 Hot Girl Thread vol.1

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yeah at the moment Deb there is my new favorite redhead.  She is smokin' goddamn hot in True Blood....salad-toss worthy, imo.  That first pic is from when she showed up at Jason's house dressed up like Little Red Riding Hood..damn it was INSANE hotness in that scene.  I couldn't even handle being in the same room with her looking like that...goddamn 😳


New from my honey Camila:


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sheeeeeit, I mentioned before that "try-on haul" is a search that brings up some HOT ass search results on youtube...now youtube just shows this kind of stuff in my "recommended" section on a regular basis...and look what we have here:



annnd I found the instagram... oh yes tabs WILL be kept:

this is Magnificent 5 material, folks... she might be one of the hottest I've ever seen in life, just generally speaking.  That accent is bonus points too.

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