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Transformers Thread

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TFTM will pay on 300 MORE screens on Sept 27 due to fan demand. 


I originally bought tickets for a cinema that is 15 miles away from me since my local cinema didnt have it.

However, it is now showing at my local cinema so check your area through Fandango to see if it is playing closer to your neighborhood!

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Composer Robert J. Walsh has passed away at the age of 70.

He was one of the 2 composers on the G1 Transformers show along with Johnny Douglas (who passed away in 2004).

Most of the Season 3 rock/synthesizer tracks inspired by the movie were by him.

He also composed soundtracks for many other movies and TV shows such as G.I.JOE , Jem , Defenders of the Earth, Inhumanoids, Fraggle Rock, and Muppet Babies.




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3 minutes ago, misterBee said:

I saw a pretty ginormous Megatron in Hong Kong the other day.  I wasn't aware they  made Transformers figures that big.  Box was like 2 feet tall.  Too bad I don't have room for that kind of thing.

Did you go to Hong Kong for vacation?



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