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Transformers Thread

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SDCC news 


There was not much new stuff since there was a reveal a month ago.


1) SIEGE Ratchet is coming later this year as a Walgreens exclusive in America.



2)  SIEGE Rainmakers boxset is a Target exclusive and features those 3 Decepticon Jets who made Acid Rain in the G1 Season 1 Episode "Divide and Conquer"   $80



3)  "Galactc Man" Repaint of SIEGE Shockwave  (aka Black Shockwave)

He will be available on online specialty toy sites.



4) SIEGE Ratbat and  Frenzy/Rumble cassettes




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SDCC part 2...


SIEGE Bluestreak will be a Walmart exclusive- part of the 35th Anniversary line.

SIEGE Soundblaster (black Soundwave with enlarged chest door to hold 2 cassettes)  is also part of the Walmart exclusives along with repaints of SIEGE Optimus and Megatron with no battle damage 





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To mark the 35th anniversary, Takara has released a Masterpiece Optimus Prime version 3.0. It is roughly the same size as the previous one at 9.5 inches. It has a trailer and a lot of accessories. It is significantly more cartoon accurate than all the previous ones which makes it less detailed in vehicle mode.It  is VERY expensive at $450. (A lot of people got it for $325 from Amazon Japan as a pre-order.)


Here is a very detailed and long review from one of the biggest TF YouTubers.



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This cheap little Cyberverse Gnaw is, shockingly, the most 'toon accurate one. At this price I may very well build a small army of Sharkticons.



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