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Koihime Enbu: 2D Soul Calibur

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I took some time to try this game out.  It looks like an anime game BUT IT IS ALL IN FACT A LIE.


Some stuff I have found out:


- There is no air dashing

- There are no chain normals

-  I don't think there is any jump canceling

- Everything seems unsafe on block

- It is extremely grounded and footsie based

- Everyone seems to have universal launch, universal crumple, and universal wall bounce

- There are assists


The way you play this game is like Soul Calibur.  Attack, block, then counter-attack.  Anyone who thinks this is an anime game is SORELY MISTAKEN!

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You're welcome. 😎


I remember seeing footage of this game awhile ago and being interested in it, and with the new version coming out I was reading that it actually plays a lot more like an old SamSho than the animu game it seems.


Downloading now. Hopefully the online is decent. Looking forward to playing it!

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I fell off of SamSho after 3. I've played all of them a bit but most of that series to me is 1 and 2.


Last Blade is awesome. Very different from SamSho and I think I'm with you in that I prefer Last Blade more. But hell I'll take either if SNK is looking to res something.

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